Current Projects

The Building

NVP’s is currently working on a joint venture with New Venture Theatre designing a project that embraces private residential development, recreational and community facilities, with creative solutions that deliver every aspect of responsible and sustainable mixed use development with creativity, passion and imagination. This work and its community will be open to public viewing from 20th July to 27th July 2013. Numbers are limited and places need to be reserved through NVT ticketsource.

NVP is a flight of fantasy and conceit of NVT’s latest devised work – ‘The Building’ opening summer 2013. Keep visiting our site for updates on our progress. The powerful combination of the team’s strengths, imaginations and complementary skills provides a strong vehicle for delivering unique performance developments.

NVP is headed by Sarah Davies award winning developer, deviser and performer who offers fresh, person-centred approach to design and contemporary spaces for all generations to admire with inspired and innovative architecture, stylish specifications and intelligent space planning to create dynamic developments.